Ubuntu 14.04 and Intel Wireless 7260 problem

I bought Acer V7 – 482PG and installed Ubunntu 14.04. Everything looked good until I found some problems with my WiFi adapter.

My network sometimes unexpectedly disconnected and sometimes I couldn’t connect to WiFi network.

There is workaround which works on my computer.



Find your adapter version

  1. Open terminal
  2. Run command
  3. You can see output like this
    00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT DRAM Controller (rev 09)
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)
    00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller (rev 09)
    00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP USB xHCI HC (rev 04)
    00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP HECI #0 (rev 04)
    00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP HD Audio Controller (rev 04)
    00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP PCI Express Root Port 1 (rev e4)
    00:1c.2 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP PCI Express Root Port 3 (rev e4)
    00:1c.3 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP PCI Express Root Port 4 (rev e4)
    00:1c.4 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP PCI Express Root Port 5 (rev e4)
    00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP USB EHCI #1 (rev 04)
    00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP LPC Controller (rev 04)
    00:1f.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP SATA Controller 1 [AHCI mode] (rev 04)
    00:1f.3 SMBus: Intel Corporation Lynx Point-LP SMBus Controller (rev 04)
    01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107M [GeForce GT 750M] (rev ff)
    04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 73)
    05:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 5287 (rev 01)
    05:00.1 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 14)
  4. Find line which contains „Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless“, at the end of line you can find device model (in my case 7260)


Go to the Intel web and download latest firmware

  1. Open browser and go to the URL: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034398.htm
  2. Find your wireless adapter in table.
    (in my case: iwlwifi-3160-ucode-
  3. Download firmware (tgz) file


Firmware installation

  1. Open terminal
  2. Check which version is installed in your system
     ls /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260*

    e.g if you see this output, you have installed version „7“

  3. Backup old firmware to your home folder
    sudo mv /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode ~/
  4. Go to the folder where is new downloaded firmware
    cd ~/Downloads
  5. Unzip downloaded firmware
    tar xvzf iwlwifi-7260-ucode-
  6. Copy new firmware version to /lib/firmware
     sudo cp ~/Downloads/iwlwifi-7260-ucode- /lib/firmware
  7. Set correct file owner
    sudo chown root:root /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode
  8. Check if everything was successfully done by command
    ls -l /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode

    You should see similar output

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 674628 kvě 29 13:38 /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-7260-8.ucode
  9. Restart computer


11 thoughts to “Ubuntu 14.04 and Intel Wireless 7260 problem”

  1. Seems to solve my issue :
    – Laptop model : ThinkPad 7540p
    – Wireless controller : Intel Wireless 7260
    When I disconnected the power cable, the wifi connection was lost and I was unable to reconnect anymore.

    Many thanks for sharing this tip !

  2. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 64bit kernel 3.16.1 on my new Thinkpad t440 , my wifi is 7260 rev.83.
    I did the same as you but still dont’t have full speed. it’s around 20mbp/s (with PowerManagment Off).
    my other laptop and PC have download speed around 60-70MBp/s.
    I notice there is a iwlwifi-3160-9.ucode in the /lib/firmware and
    dmesg | grep firmware
    [ 2.902670] iwlwifi 0000:03:00.0: loaded firmware version op_mode iwlmvm
    so it looks like I’m using newer firmware.

  3. This also solved my problem. New install of 14.04 and the wifi was great for a day or two. Turned the laptop off one night, and the wifi never started up again. Thanks for the great advice.

  4. Have similar problem, but this solution didn’t work even though all commands executed successfully.
    The device is Intel 8260.
    Any ideas what else can be wrong?

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