My ROV – Intro

I enjoy diving, programming and robotics, so I took the idea to build my own ROV, which I could later change the AUV.
If you do not know what ROV or AUV is, there is an explanation:
ROV means Remotely Operated underwater vehicle is (as its name suggests), remote-controlled device (submarine), which is controlled by the operator. Most often the operator controls vehicle by video and other data information remotely.
AUV stands for Autonomous underwater vehicle, which are autonomous robots that operate their own without direct control by the operator, robot only sends information about its activities to control centre.

AUV are relatively expensive and sophisticated equipment, so I start to begin the construction of ROV and if I succeed, so maybe I will try to build AUV.

All my attempts to build ROV will be documented in this blog, including the blind alleys that lead nowhere. In short, here I write what I consider everything in their path towards my own ROV and what will be important for me.

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