Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) 64bit on Asus N53SV

How to solve main problems if you install Ubuntu 11.10 on Ausu N53SV.

Hardware issues

System boot problem:

Sometimes my computer freeze on boot, there is white screen and computer doesn’t response. These modifications partially helped me, but sometime the problem is still happen. I welcome any ideas.

  • Edit grub configuration
    sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  • Modify lines
    GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash vmalloc=192MB video=vesa:off gfxpayload=text"
  • Save file and apply new grub configuration
    sudo update-grub
  • Reboot your computer

nVidia Optimus:

URL of the original post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/36930/how-well-do-laptops-with-nvidia-optimus-work

  • Add a PPA containing recent nVidia drivers:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
  • Add the Stable Bumblebee Releases PPA:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable
  • Update apt-get repositories information
    sudo apt-get update
  • Install Bumblebee and nVidia drivers
    sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia
  • The installer does not update the initial ramdisk to save time. Run the next command once after the first installation of Bumblebee:
    sudo update-initramfs -u
  • If you have 32-bit applications like Wine, you will need extra libraries:
    sudo apt-get install virtualgl-libs:i386
  • Allow yourself to use Bumblebee by adding yourself to the ‘bumblebee’ group. (replace $USER by your username)
    sudo usermod -a -G bumblebee $USER
  • Reboot or re-login to apply the group changes

If you’d like to run a program on the intel card now:

firefox &

If you’d like to run a program on the nvidia card now, use the optirun program:

optirun firefox &

Blue LED indicates Intel graphics card in use, white LED indicates active nVidia card.


Suspend problem:

URL of the original post: http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug

  • Create a script under /etc/pm/sleep.d/:
    sudo nano /etc/pm/sleep.d/20_custom-ehci_hcd 
  • Insert the following code into the file you have just created:
    #inspired by http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9744970&postcount=19
    #...and http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug    
    # tidied by tqzzaa :)
    DRIVERS="ehci xhci" # ehci_hcd, xhci_hcd
    unbindDev() {
      echo -n > $DEV_LIST 2>/dev/null
      for driver in $DRIVERS; do
        for dev in `ls $DDIR 2>/dev/null | egrep "^$HEX+:$HEX+:$HEX"`; do
          echo -n "$dev" > $DDIR/unbind
          echo "$driver $dev" >> $DEV_LIST
    bindDev() {
      if [ -s $DEV_LIST ]; then
        while read driver dev; do
          while [ $((MAX_BIND_ATTEMPTS)) -gt 0 ]; do
              echo -n "$dev" > $DDIR/bind
              if [ ! -L "$DDIR/$dev" ]; then
                sleep $BIND_WAIT
        done < $DEV_LIST
      rm $DEV_LIST 2>/dev/null
    case "$1" in
      hibernate|suspend) unbindDev;;
      resume|thaw)       bindDev;;
  • Save file and close the editor
  • Add executable permission:
    sudo chmod 755 /etc/pm/sleep.d/20_custom-ehci_hcd

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