JBoss 5.1 AS JDK6 – [lang_en]JBoss ESB installation[/lang_en][lang_cs]instalace JBoss ESB[/lang_cs]


JBoss ESB information

JBossESB is the next generation of EAI – better and without the vendor-lockin characteristics of old. As such, many of the capabilities mirror those of existing EAI offerings: Business Process Monitoring, Integrated Development Environment, Human Workflow User Interface, Business Process Management, Connectors, Transaction Manager, Security, Application Container, Messaging Service, Metadata Repository, Naming and Directory Service, Distributed Computing Architecture. Plus JBossESB is part of an SOI (Service Oriented Infrastructure). However, SOA is not simply a technology or a product: it’s a style of design, with many aspects (such as architectural, methodological and organisational) unrelated to the actual technology.

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